What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I am feeling a bit rough today.  It is self-inflicted before anyone starts heaping sympathy on me.

It feels good to luxuriate under a duvet thinking about what has made me happy in the last week.

1. The children have returned to school.  I know that sound awful but I do find that I need a little me time and that is in non-existent supply during the holidays.  I think they were ready to go back too to see their friends and to tell their stories.

2. My daughter turned 9 this week.  She had obsessed about her birthday for weeks in advance.  She was very happy with her presents and cards.  I am happy that she is still very much a little girl and not some pseudo teenager or woman.

3. My eldest son continues his homework battles but we are seeing positive progress.  He did some lovely handwriting the other day which shows he can do it when he wants to.  He also showed he had really good knowledge for his history project.

4. I got all romantic last night.  Amazing what wine can do but nice to feel that spark which can get so lost in the day-to-day stuff.

5. I had an interview for some paid work this week.  I was going to say that I was unsuccessful but I am going to respin that and say that somebody else was successful.  I am pleased I went for it and am secretly a little relieved as some practical issues in taking the work would have been difficult to cope with.

6. I only put on 1 pound over the Easter holidays which I am delighted with.  Chips have featured today but I will be back on track tomorrow.

7. We had a lot of fun working as a family on a craft project.  We don’t do craft as a family usually and even Daddy joined in (including spending way too much money on craft materials!)

8. In the blogging world, it was heartening to see so many bloggers coming together to support the Lullaby Trust with Jennie and Susanne showing the way.  It’s not too late to link up a post and help here http://www.edspire.co.uk/year_2013/04/09/thelullabytrust/

9. Possibly the highlight of my week was watching Dead Poets’ Society again (one of my absolute favourite films) and then getting on Twitter and finding two of my wonderful blogger friends who fit right in with the philosophy of the film.  My finale was to stand on the sofa, holler “Captain, my Captain” and jump off the sofa.

I am linking up with Mummy from the Heart and her Reasons to be Cheerful linky.


10 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful?

  1. I love Dead Poets Society one of the many reasons I became a teacher and specialised in English. Thank you for mentioning The Lullaby Trust blogging. I hope that it has done some good x

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