What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

I am feeling energized and upbeat. Is it the sunshine? A sense of moving on from sad times? Whatever it is, I am reveling in it.

So it’s a good time to celebrate my reasons to be cheerful.

1. After a difficult conversation with my youngest son, I have decided to spend more quality time with him. I am now going into school in the mornings to help him with his spellings. I love being in the classroom and it reminds me that my late Mum always said I would make a lovely teacher. Too late to pursue that now! It also gives me an opportunity to see that when they say my son is gifted, he really is. He is amazing in the way he thinks and his literacy levels are off the scale. He has recently had an Achievement Certificate from school and also did a sponsored walk in aid of Marie Curie nurses. I am also ensuring he gets one-on-one time every evening with me. I have learned that this is fun to do and also results in him being co-operative about things he does not like doing (teeth brushing being right up there).

2. My daughter seems to have taken her 9th birthday as a signal that she really should not try to creep into my bed every night. My husband thinks this is a fantastic development. I do too but also miss snuggling up with her.

3.My first son has had a school report which shows that he is making steady improvements particularly in the subjects I see as important. I am sorry but I can’t get too distressed that they don’t think he will make an artist or a sports person. I am looking forward to parents’ evening and getting some sense of his subject teachers and whether they are supporting him appropriately or not. The women teachers seem to like him better from what I can tell.

4. We had a lovely family lunch out on Sunday and I was so clever at what I chose that I managed to lose 1 and a half pounds this week and am now so very close to my 2 stones lost award. Lots of more stones to shift but it’s a great start and I now feel safely away from where I started.

5. Spring means I blitzed the house earlier this week so it is relatively tidy and very clean.

6. I have had some positive feedback on an interview I attended recently. Apparently, the only real downfall on my part was not selling myself enough. There is learning in that!

7. We have agreed a name that my new step grandson will refer to me as. Kitty! I am so pleased to be asked for the first time how I would like to be referred to. I don’t want to called Grandma as that is not what I am and they exist but I did want a special name.

8. I have caught up with some blogging that I needed to do and in particular this one about our trip to Orlando.

9. We had a really positive Trustee meeting at the community centre and I am tasked with helping with communications which suits me down to the ground.

10. It seems to be a time when interesting opportunities are popping into my inbox all the time and I do like a bit of variety.

11 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

  1. A lovely positive post! I too am going to be spending more quality time with my kids individually, it is something I have neglected to do and I need to rectify it. Congratulations on your weight loss!

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