Who is tap dancing?

My husband was recently sent to a house to collect something that I had ordered via the NetMums nearly new boards. For some reason, I had not told him what the item was but had said the price was a fiver.

He turned up and said that I had sent him. The woman handed him a bag.

“What is it?” he asked

“Tap shoes”

“My daughter is taking up tap dancing?!”

“What size is she? These are size 6”

“My wife is taking up tap dancing!!!!”

My poor husband. My late Dad always used to say he would not have gone up hill and down dale collecting stuff for my mum. The truth is he would have done as he was told. I was very well trained.

So I have my tap shoes and thanks to everyone on Twitter who said that it was not mad to get them.

Then I saw an advert that made me smile on Netmums saying “Tap shoes with no taps”. Even I would not go that far.

Linking up a little late with the lovely Liz at Magpie Monday over on the Me and My Shadow blog.

4 thoughts on “Who is tap dancing?

  1. I love Netmums! My other half insists that the Wine Bar is the naughty chatroom! I think I agree with some of the topics discussed 😉 Good luck with the tapping!

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