What are my plans for the Summer?

Wonderful! The sun’s out again!

I am relieved it means it’s OK to go outside without fear of shivering or slipping on an icy patch. Something else I have realised recently is that Summer’s getting closer. I know it’s still only April but it’s fun to start planning for Summer holidays.

Home or away?

I’ve already had a few thoughts about where I would like to go in a few months’ time. At first, I thought I would like to go abroad but the thought of my youngest son on a plane is a worry. There are also some great places I want to rediscover in the UK and new areas to explore too.


Family fun

My next step is to find somewhere with things for all the family to enjoy. I want the seaside and national parks to feature in our holiday and the children will want to check out a theme park no doubt.

Cheap and cheerful

There was a recent competition from Mumsnet run by regional-cottages.co.uk to win a holiday in the UK for the whole family. Feeling curious, I decided to enter, but just in case I didn’t win, I had a look to see what I could get for my money.

To my surprise, I found that I could find a cheap cottage to stay in parts of the UK like the Yorkshire Dales and Scottish Highlands for me and the kids. A cottage is great as it gives a homely feel and there is space for the children which is so much better than being cramped in hotel rooms.

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