What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

I have had a strange week, a mix of the usual humdrum stuff and then some amazingly exciting stuff too some of which I cannot reveal quite yet.

So what are my reasons to be cheerful?

1. My daughter came running up to me yesterday after school looking beautiful and with a big smile on her face. “Mum, I got a rounder!” She is not good at sports and she was thrilled to bits. Such a special moment.

2. I went to gardening club with my youngest son. Gardening is not my thing. I love the idea of it but as soon as my hands get mucky or I have to dig, I rapidly lose interest. However, this is quality time with my son and I also enjoy the company of the other children.

3. I saw my 12 year old town yesterday after school clearly part of a gang of mates. He is a shy boy and seeing him so involved that he did not even see me at first was wonderful. I am also thankful that he was not at all embarrassed to dash across the road to talk to me when he did notice me. He remains a lovely boy.

4. I feel better having attended my son’s parents’ evening at secondary school. Most of his teachers described him as “highly intelligent” and seemed to know the wonderful individual that he is. Yes there are some issues we need to work on but I felt more confident of working with the school on this than I have in the past.

5. I have been offered an interview for some paid work in London. Other exciting opportunities have pinged into the inbox this week too.

6. It was great to hear from online friends worried about me not being in the Brilliance in Blogging award shortlists. I did get nominated so thanks if you voted but I an ineligible to go any further as I am a member of the BritMums team.

7. I have had some wonderful charity shop finds this week. In fact, I am quite tempted to go back and put a hold on a larger item this afternoon.

8. I took my son and daughter to the GP and both now have referrals to specialist clinics that they need. I also found out that my daughter may need moisturizer on her legs but this does not mean she has psoriasis. This was a big concern as her Dad has 3 forms of severe psoriasis.

9. I went into school the other day and was handed a bottle of wine and a card to thank me for my help with their centenary celebrations.

10. I got my 2 stones lost award at Slimming World.

11. I have been asked to take on the social media work for a local charity

12. Hayley and Polly want me to go to Cornwall!

13. I am feeling more like I used to when I was young in that life is full of opportunities and there very well may be no stopping me.

What do you reckon?

12 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

  1. What a list….I’m not sure what to comment on first! Having a 12 year old myself, the bits about your son really warmed my heart 🙂 The new ‘opportunities’ sound very exciting!

  2. you dont need the larger item!! you are shrinking!!

    I am so pleased there have been some fab opportunities for you coming in this week. Keep me posted on the London one that sounds very exciting!

  3. You sound like a wonderful woman who appreciates all that life has to offer. From the descriptors you use I understand that you don’t just look – you ‘see’, you see the small things and value them and therefore your basket is always full.
    As the saying goes ‘its the pennies that make the pounds!’ I’m sure if you we’re to count all your pennies you would have MANY pounds. But life is not all about quantity – quality counts.
    Thanks for a thoughtful read

  4. Lots of marvelous opportunities here, looks like it’s been a good week and the future is on the upturn (oer I sound like an astrologer!) Hope everything works out as you would wish.

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