I have got balls!

Yes, it is true that I have balls! Healthy balls too I might add.


I like boxes and I love these Oriental balls on the inside. £2.


I go to the charity shop more now that I live in town so I don’t miss much!

It is that time of year when I always buy white trousers forgetting that although they look good, they are hard to keep looking nice. I could not leave behind a pair from Marks and Spencer when marked up for just £2.50.

As I made my way to the counter, I saw an enormous map of Great Britain. I could not find a price label and the woman behind the counter told me that it was a fiver. I would have happily paid so much more than that. I have a thing about maps. I have bought map posters but they end up so tatty so this was a real find. Fortunately, my husband was home early that day so I dispatched him immediately. The photo does not get over how huge this is or how lovely.


Today, I went to the charity shop and they had a promotion on where every book in the place was 50 pence. I had set off hoping to find a world map and there are huge posters in the Atlas book. For some time, I have wanted the family history book so I snapped that up too.


Finally, I got this little Winnie the Pooh ornament where you can change the date which amuses the children no end.


I started this post by saying I have balls and I do because I dyed my hair black and will be adding a crimson stripe or two this week. You can see the black in yesterday’s post.

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5 thoughts on “I have got balls!

  1. I am hugely jealous of the map. You won’t believe this but I spent the weekend trying to source a large UK map for OH to pin his wild swims on as he does them. I found a poster sized one in WHSmiths for £10, but the cost of a pinboard the same size to mount it on was £80!!!!

  2. I love maps too, and yours looks fab! Do you have a special spot for it? Made the mistake of putting a world map on the wall in the playroom, sadly it’s now in bits.. I’ve been tempted to buy oriental balls in a charity shop before (lovely box) but never quite sure what you’re meant to do with them? x

  3. Enjoyed this. And I love maps too!! That’s possibly a result of growing up with a Geography Proff dad… I keep meaning to visit several charity shops more but haven’t been much of a shopper lately.

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