Posted in May 2013

We are getting active with Mark Warner

Are you an active family? Could you incorporate a little more healthy exercise in your family life? Mary Warner Holidays have set our family the challenge to do just that. I have children aged 7, 9 and 12. They are not sporty by nature and like so many children seem more interested in their computer … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I am nursing a urinary tract infection (way too much information I know!) but still managing to find reasons to be cheerful. 1. My husband had a job interview today and felt it went well. Time will tell but this is his first interview since hearing the redundancy news so it is a positive in … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I am pleased to report that things are on t’up! That makes it a great time to celebrate my reasons to be cheerful. 1. It is our 5th wedding anniversary today. Recent events have really reconfirmed out love for each other and how much sense those old-fashioned vows make. For better, for worse and all … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I am quite late to the cheerful party this week. This time last week, we were waiting for news and not long after we had it. It was not good news. My husband, an ex-serviceman, after 7 years of loyal service to the Royal British Legion (@PoppyLegion on Twitter) is to be made redundant. Of … Continue reading

I am feeling upbeat!

I am feeling upbeat today! The sunshine and blue skies help immensely of course. It’s the weekly time to focus on the fantastic things in my world at the moment. 1. The weather is lovely and I actually felt like I looked vaguely good today in my spring T-shirt and white trousers. This time last … Continue reading

Don’t write off my son Mr Teacher!

I attended Parents’ Evening at my son’s secondary school for the first time last week. Overall, it was a positive experience. Regular readers will know how concerned I have been about my son’s education and the way that I just seem to have lost all sense of what he is learning and what is required … Continue reading