I am feeling upbeat!

I am feeling upbeat today!

The sunshine and blue skies help immensely of course.

It’s the weekly time to focus on the fantastic things in my world at the moment.

1. The weather is lovely and I actually felt like I looked vaguely good today in my spring T-shirt and white trousers. This time last year I was 2 stone heavier so there is more of a spring in my step these days.

2. I had a lovely meeting about social media with a local charity this morning. It was great to be doing something a bit different and to have a laugh whilst sharing knowledge too.

3. I am continuing with after-school gardening club even if I hate it because it makes my youngest son happy.

4. My daughter and I are indulging in cross-stitch at her suggestion. She is taking to it so well and I am loving returning to a hobby that I have not done for so many years.

5. My eldest son seems so much happier in his own skin these days and that makes me feel better. I also feel I am getting to grips more with what he is learning and am thus able to support him better.

6. I got turned down for a charity/national television opportunity. That sounds like bad news and I am a little disappointed but the feedback was that I was “too amazing and accomplished” for the particular opportunity. What gave them that impression I am not sure but it was nice to hear all the same. Perhaps I should start believing in myself a bit more.

7. It looks like I will be going to London twice in May and this will give me the opportunity to meet up with a long-standing online friend. Eeek!

8. I have had lots of interesting parcels this week including my Thinking Slimmer CDs and a Mexican food pack.

9. There is a 50 pence book sale in the charity shop!

10. I was introduced to someone today who asked if I would consider doing some freelance work for them. It might not lead to anything but it does feel like lots of opportunities are suddenly coming my way.

11. It is BritMums Live next month so I will be hooking up with some lovely ladies including my very best blogger friend. She is world famous of course so doubtless I will have to fight my way through the masses to find her but I will do that cos she is the best Prosecco pal I know.

I feel so much more like me!

That’s a huge reason to be cheerful!

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9 thoughts on “I am feeling upbeat!

  1. Thinking slimmer CDs? Do report back if they work! Thank you for a lovely positive post, made me want to count my blessings too.

  2. It’s 6am and my toddler woke me up an hour ago. He is now sleeping soundly on my arm and I am scouting new blogs on my phone. Lovely post – sounds like its been quite an action packed time for you! And hooray for cross stitch. I love crafting – I just wish I could finish something!

    Sian @ Elisgeorge.com

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  4. I love reading people’s happy lists, it makes me realise that it really is the little things in life that make a difference to our everyday existence. And sunshine, of course!

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