Family-friendly Mexican Discovery Fajitas

I have made a find which I want to share with you.

In my house, it is so rare for my husband, myself and all 3 children to enjoy the same main meal.

Yesterday, I made fajitas and everyone loved them.


Here are the ingredients I used …

Turkey steaks cut into chunks

Red and yellow peppers

One red onion


Fry Light.

Mexican Discovery Seasoning

Mexican Discovery Fajitas and Salsa

Mexican Discovery Soured Cream

I fried off the turkey and added it to stir fried peppers and onion. I added the Discovery Seasoning seeing it turn a lovely colour making me anticipate the taste sensations to come.


I do love colourful food and happily piled the mixture when cooked into Mexican Discovery fajitas warmed in the microwave.

This meal was ready in minutes so is the perfect choice after a busy day or when you don’t want to slave over a hot stove for hours.

I liked how versatile the dish is too so I could vary the recipe according to my individual children’s tastes.


I added the Discovery Garlic and Herb Soured Cream to the plate and was surprised that my children liked this and it does give that milder taste.

Some of us has the salsa and some decided against.

The meal was spicy but not too spicy.

All of wanted more!

I used turkey as a low fat option although chicken or any other meat would work well.

I used Fry Light again to keep the calories down but you could use an oil of your choice.

Check out more recipes and a cookery club.


We received some Mexican Discovery Products for the purposes of editorial review.


2 thoughts on “Family-friendly Mexican Discovery Fajitas

  1. I love fajitas, but I wish I could get the man to. We have a voucher for Chiquitos to use soon so I am hoping that might convert him into actually trying it instead of just saying no.

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