What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I am pleased to report that things are on t’up! That makes it a great time to celebrate my reasons to be cheerful.

1. It is our 5th wedding anniversary today. Recent events have really reconfirmed out love for each other and how much sense those old-fashioned vows make. For better, for worse and all that! I had a small wedding and 3 of the people on my photographs are dead (Mum, Dad, family friend). I am taking that as a reminder that whilst you have life, you may as well look on the bright side of it. It is also lovely to report that a family member whose life was at risk both physically and emotionally back then and so missed our wedding is now in a very happy place and married herself.

2. My husband has an interview for the first job he applied for following the redundancy announcement just 2 weeks ago. This has restored his faith in himself which was so badly rocked by his employer’s actions. We are also seeing lots of other relevant jobs coming up so all is hopeful.

3. As I was so busy with a little paid work that has come my way, I had a good reason to miss after-school gardening club this week. Just can’t find it in me to love gardening.

4. We have had some sunshine this week which always cheers the soul. Yesterday, I felt my late Dad so close in the garden and actually spoke to him. It was comforting rather than sad.

5. I got an Ebay bargain of two Next trunks which are just perfect for all the paperwork I generate.

6. It was my husband’s birthday and that was the day when the black cloud that has hovered over him since being betrayed by his employer lifted so we had a lovely celebration.

7. This post about how I have changed in 30 years led to reconnections with old school-friends which was quite lovely. I feel better understood by them now. I also understand myself a little better having written it.

So we are feeling all smiley and yesterday another little positive email pinged into my inbox.

The future is bright or you can watch my downfall with a wry smile.

Linking up with chirpy folks at Mummy from the Heart.

What do you think to it so far?


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