What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I am nursing a urinary tract infection (way too much information I know!) but still managing to find reasons to be cheerful.

1. My husband had a job interview today and felt it went well. Time will tell but this is his first interview since hearing the redundancy news so it is a positive in itself.

2. My husband and son went out last night and had a great time at a historical event to do with Barnes Wallis. I love seeing them happy in each other’s company and sharing interests. It also got me a couple of hours of quiet time so all good.

3. My daughter is growing cress and is so thrilled with checking progress every day. It is a delight to see. I love how she throws herself into things with such enthusiasm.

4. We went out to a school fundraising event as a family. It was bingo which I don’t think my 7 year old son will ever want to play again. He started off bored when every number out did not appear on his card and by the end was saying “Kill me, kill me now”. I must imagine I started to feel the same but it was all in a good cause and we won a pink skipping rope. Afterward, we went out for a meal and it felt like really good quality family time.

5. Opportunities keep coming my way and I can only think that my late Dad is having a word in Heaven as the way they are happening really is quite magical. They may keep the wolves from the door until my husband can find a new job.

6. The community organisation I am a Trustee with has had almost half a million pounds of Big Lottery funding.

7. I feel better about myself since starting on the Thinking Slimmer CDs and am getting fed up of my shabby gear so will be going charity shopping this afternoon for some bright and colourful clothing.

8. At this week’s weigh-in I had lost 4 pounds!

9. I am starting to work out who my real friends are and not putting quite so much effort into the more selfish varieties.

10. My book has arrived from the BritMums Book Club. There is a real pleasure in getting a brand new book through the post. The feel, the smell …

11. BritMums Live is round the corner and this time round I am blessed in having people who say they want to spend some time with me at the event. Not only that but they are amazing women who I am honoured to know.

12. It is Half Term from tonight and we can have some family fun. I also have a cunning plan that may move me forwards quite radically but more on that when it happens.

13. I am reminded that I am capable and intelligent which I hope does not sound arrogant but self-belief has been a long time coming and I am luxuriating in it a bit.

Will that do for starters?

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5 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful?

  1. Wow, such a great list of happy things in your life right now. Think I need to join in and list the positives. We don’t always do that and tend to cling to the negative things. Well I do any way. So love #13. It is good to have self belief, it something I really struggle with and have all my life thanks to a Mother who constantly put me down. Need a push to achieve that one.

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