Posted in June 2013

Why do I need a new blog?

There are seasons in blogging. I have realised this for some time and want to blog about it at some point. I emailed a blogger friend about the concept recently. Little did I know then that I was facing yet another blogging season. I need a new blog. Somewhere to share more family-related stuff in … Continue reading

Picking at a scab

Picking at a scab does no good. Guess what? It just results in blood. Blood – the ties that bind they say. Perhaps that is for another day. I have no blood. That’s why it matters. You act as you do and it just splatters. Leave it alone. Let it be. I pick again mercilessly. … Continue reading

I am stained

Once I was the object of desire and the stuff of dreams. People went out of their way to ensure they had me in their life. I had colour. I was on show. You see me now on the ground. I am written off. I am stained. Most people walk past and do not notice … Continue reading

Top tips on public speaking

Public speaking is one of those things that seems to turn the most confident person to jelly all too often. So here are some top tips from a successful speaker. 1. I was a bit worried at the start but I think that is normal. After a couple of sentences, I got the hang of … Continue reading

Changing my perspective

Last week, I posted a painful post. This week, as part of my reasons to be cheerful, I am going to look at the things I talked about in that post in a new light. 1. I have a friend that I have known since we were 4 years old. She is still in my … Continue reading

I’m going to BritMums Live!

As BritMums Live is less than 2 weeks away, I thought it is time to introduce myself. Name: Kate and Katie to those who know me best Blog: Kate on Thin Ice I also blog in a slightly different way over on Naked Mum Twitter ID: @kateonthinice Height: 5ft 5ish Hair: Currently dyed black and … Continue reading

Shopping and Food for Thought

My son and I went on a shopping trip at the weekend. General food shopping only really looking to buy enough for a day or two. We had a list of sorts. We added to it as I remembered that we “needed” two loaves of bread as I use a lower-fat version in my attempt … Continue reading

Jazzing up the house

I love the house we moved into last year close to the town and schools. It is light with two sets of French windows onto a patio with lawns below. Over the years, we have collected all manner of furniture so we are pretty much sorted on that score. Two little things were niggling at … Continue reading


I bought a book back in the day called “Angst”. My best female friend told me off saying it was a bad idea. She didn’t like the “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you” poster either. Angst is 1. Being hurt, trusting again and waking up to harsh reality. … Continue reading