Making a splash as an active family with Mark Warner

I have to say that I am quite amazed at just how active we are getting as family having taken on the challenge from Mark Warner.


After a few days of bad weather, yesterday was sunny and so we decided to make a splash.


Out came the family-sized paddling pool. My husband got it pumped up and started to fill it. My 9 year old daughter was so excited and was in her costume as soon as we even mentioned that the pool would be coming out. She took charge of filling it with water.


I was feeling a little unwell but could not disappoint so put myself into a swimming costume for the first time in years. Not a pretty sight perhaps but your children don’t mind so long as you join in with them.


Of course with my husband close by taking photographs, I could not resist splashing him. As he had suit trousers on, he was less than impressed at first and then realised that he was being daft and it really did not matter. Within minutes, he was in trunks and getting his own back on the splashing front.

The water was so cold when we first got in but it warmed up. I have to say the girls were braver than the boys at first. Of course, the noise of our squeals soon attracted the boys to get involved too.


My 12 year old son was certainly keen to splash us a lot. We came up with a deal that if the sun was out, nobody could splash but if it went behind a cloud, we could all have free rein. It all got quite riotous and was huge fun.

We were in there for a couple of hours and it was so lovely to take time out from computers and household tasks.

Here’s my son chilling whilst the rest of us got snacks – watermelon funnily enough.


He should watch out though as Mum might just be lurking around a corner with a water-pistol to get him back for all that splashing.


When we came in, it seems that other members of the family got in on the action.


As for the cat, it only took the hose-pipe coming out for her to leap into life. Yes, the cat finally got active!


Active Family Blogger Challenge

Your challenge is to commit to spending a minimum of one hour per week taking part in a designated activity as a family. We’d like you to write a blog post about your experience each week, inspiring your readers with photos and maybe even asking your children to write about their experience.

Entries will be read by a carefully selected panel of judges from Mark Warner holidays.

Judging and Prizes

Judges will be looking for a creative and inspiring approach to family fitness and the winner will be awarded a family holiday for up to four at Mark Warner’s resort in San Lucianu, Corsica

Check out the Mark Warner Active Family Challenge

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