Jazzing up the house

I love the house we moved into last year close to the town and schools.

It is light with two sets of French windows onto a patio with lawns below.


Over the years, we have collected all manner of furniture so we are pretty much sorted on that score.

Two little things were niggling at me though.

I love the light that flows in through the French windows but the glass back door bothers me for some reason. I just feel very exposed and would prefer my kitchen to not be on view so easily really. I have no idea why it bothers me but it does.

I wanted something other than net curtains so have decided to go for web-blinds What do you think?

Going into the next room, I needed some storage for my paperwork mountain. I managed to pick up a trunk that serves the purpose well and also doubles up a a table for chess games.

These two changes have made me more relaxed. Isn’t it amazing how making just a couple of simple changes to the home improve daily life?

I am still trying to get my third house change past my husband. I would love to rehome a dog.

Well I guess two out of three ain’t bad?

So I am getting my groove back and the house is too.

groovingmums 2000pixels

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