Shopping and Food for Thought

My son and I went on a shopping trip at the weekend. General food shopping only really looking to buy enough for a day or two.

We had a list of sorts. We added to it as I remembered that we “needed” two loaves of bread as I use a lower-fat version in my attempt to lose weight. How ironic that as a family you consume more of the world’s resources when a mum is trying to shed the pounds.

There were offers on ham and bottled water so we bought more of that than we had intended.

The strawberries looked tempting so we added those and of course that meant we also headed for the dairy produce area for cream.

Then we could not decide whether we fancied chicken or fish for tea so we got both.

As we headed for the checkout, my son asked if he could have some sweets.

Whilst going round the supermarket, relishing his time alone with me, my son spoke of the topics that fascinate him from computer games to history. He is intelligent and does well at school. His reading is way beyond his years and people have always commented on his impressive vocabulary.

We are both the lucky ones of course.

I urge you to read Save the Children’s Food for Thought report.

At the very least, take in these key messages.


The scandal is that there is enough food in the world for everyone.

So please sign the petition and get involved in the Big IF to send a clear message to world leaders that this situation is unacceptable and we want them to do something about it.

Click the link and have your say!

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