Top tips on public speaking

Public speaking is one of those things that seems to turn the most confident person to jelly all too often. So here are some top tips from a successful speaker.

1. I was a bit worried at the start but I think that is normal. After a couple of sentences, I got the hang of it and was OK.

2. I made sure I looked around and made eye contact with people. I put myself in a place where I could see everyone.

3. I used Powerpoint and also had a board with photographs on it on display.

4. I spoke loudly and clearly to make sure everyone could hear me.

5. I made sure I looked smart this morning.

6. I had decided what the main things I wanted to talk about were and had a presentation saved on a memory stick.

7. I was fine if people wanted to ask any questions.

8. When the next speaker was obviously very nervous, I still gave her a smiley face because it can’t be easy to feel like that and it’s not her fault.

My 7 year old son gave a successful talk on glass frogs today at school. He took it all in his stride and how I, for one, envy that super confidence.

On the way home from school, he mentioned all the tips above and said “So that’s why the talk went well”.

My favourite point of all that he makes is number 8. Proud Mummy moment.

If you don’t know what a glass frog is, look them up on the internet as they are amazing!

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