Making a house a home

What is it that makes a house a home? Family matters together with love, laughter and the making of memories. I am not the most materialistic person in the world.  Looking around my home, the items in it are very much to my quirky taste. There is no doubt that I take the lead when it comes to buying furniture.  I like things that stand the test of time like the lovely things you can find at Rodgers of York. With chairs and sofas, I always go for leather because I think it is just more family-friendly. I love wood and recently bought two lovely chests which house my ever-expanding paperwork mountains. We have lovely well-made and more importantly spacious chests of drawers.  My daughter loves fashion and has a scary amount of all things pink and sparkly. I was reflecting the other day that after years of saving up and buying things as we could afford them, we are just about at the point where we have everything we need.  That is a lovely feeling.  It feels like I can relax knowing that somehow I finally pulled off making a house a home.

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