How important is me time?

My husband has taken my 3 children to the cinema this afternoon.

I love them all loads so why do I cherish me-time which is in short supply during the school holidays?

It is not that I will do anything spectacular with my time alone. I have steamed my kitchen floor in a fashion. I have tidied up a bit and will do more later. I have my laptop available so am sneaking in a blog post before someone else wants the computer. I would go out and weed the garden but it is way too hot for me.

I know I analyze things perhaps too much but I do wonder if it was the fact that I was brought up pretty much as an only child that makes me crave my personal space. Time to think, feel and plan.

As a child I always had my own bedroom and would go there to dream about the future, to read and to play with my dolls. As a teenager, I would have my music collection to entertain me. At college, sharing never really worked for me and fortunately my college friend saw that and stage-managed an amicable separation. I lodged with various people for a while and liked that combination of personal space in my room with people available as and when I felt like being sociable.

Am I normal or abnormal in just sometimes needing to be me and just me for a bit?

The odd thing is that the family will come home in a couple of hours and I will be ready for them. Ready to become a wife and mum again. In the meantime, I blog hoping someone will tell me I am not a terrible mother for sometimes just needing to be me for a while.

There is something up with me at the minute. I want to take on a new challenge but I question whether I can pull it off. The truth is that it does not really matter if I mess up. I am old and wise enough to not take huge personal or financial risks so at worst this project will be an amusing dinner-party conversation in 10 years time. I will learn from it as we do from all life experiences.

Enough already. Time to stop talking, blogging and start doing whilst I have space to do so.

How important is “me-time” to you?

8 thoughts on “How important is me time?

  1. It’s important to have some ‘me’ time. from the minute you have kids you are no longer ‘you’ but become someone’s mum, wife etc. As a SAHM due to illness i realise the importance of remembering who you are rather than what you are to other people…………that’s why I blog- something just for me! 🙂

  2. I’m with you Kate, I need space (and peace and quiet). I’m still dealing with my depression (including postnatal) so I struggle to let the Little Lady go anywhere without me, but I’m trying to do something about this as I need to have ‘Me’ time. As you said, it benefits the whole family.

  3. I don’t think you’re unusual at all. I was one of three and used to revel in getting home from school as a teenager and discovering everyone else was still out. I still very much need ‘me’ time. I have five children, and most afternoons during the holidays I have established ‘Quiet Time’ – this means that everyone goes to their own space and spends time doing something quietly. This is partly because my baby (4 months) and two year old need their naps and three older children running around shouting is not going to work. It is also, however, because I need some time to refresh in the middle of the day, otherwise I won’t be able to give them the attention they need – my biggest temptation is to let it go on for longer than I have said if all is quiet. I also believe it’s good for the children to learn to take time by themselves to play or read – especially in such a busy household. Enjoy your ‘me time’ and don’t feel guilty.

  4. Me time is sooo important. I grew up as an only child too so that is an interesting question to consider if that plays a role. I love being a mom and wife but it is essential for me to charge my batteries to do my best in all my roles. I blog too and recently did a post on ideas to get some me time as a mom. “Great minds think alike…” 🙂

  5. Answer – very important. It’s one of the hardest things I find about being a SAHM. It’s all consuming – there is never any me time. I love my own space and solitude and it’s just so rare to get any. I find a little bit of ‘me’ time makes a big difference to my state of mind.

    As for the challenge – what’s the worst that can happen? You try and fail. So what? As the book says, feel the fear and do it anyway. :0)

  6. Me time is so under rated! Its crucial to our mental health gives us time to put our world and life into perspective. Im convinced we become better wives & mothers because of it. Im a S@hm and my two girls go to nursery two mornings a week…its become my life line in reconnecting with the old me. By the time i collect them i miss them ……that cant be so bad surely?…good luck with the new adventure !

  7. I crave my me-time. I used to tell my husband that my favourite moment of the day was when I closed the door behind all of them in the mornings. That minute when the house becomes so quiet, when all possibilities of the day ahead are still there (okay so more often than not it’s either laundry or cleaning, but still). So I guess the truth is we all need our me time, our time to dream and plan and hear ourselves think.
    And as for your new project, I always say jump, but then I am not old nor wise 🙂
    (Got here through the Abstract Lucas & Britmums carnival)

  8. I’m with everyone else, it is important. We’ve just had a two week holiday and it was great doing lots of activities with the children, but I got very little me time and in fact had the children on my own several times. It meant I was always on alert, what were they doing? what might they do? Hardly a restful mind.

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