Husband falls over large dog

My husband took the dog out for a walk late on Sunday evening.  

Weirdly, before he went out, I said “I don’t think you should go”.  He asked why and I could not explain so off he went.

About 30 minutes later, he returned in a lot of pain after a fall.  His arm was swelling up massively in front of our eyes and looked odd altogether.  

Apparently, two dogs had tried to attack ours so he had hidden behind my husband’s legs at which point my husband somehow toppled over the top of him.

I am useless in these situations.  I always either start thinking I am in a film, writing a blog post in my head or wishing I was somewhere else.  

I resorted to Twitter who quickly came forth with advice.  Frozen peas were suggested so off I went and started giggling as I asked if my husband would prefer cabbage or mixed vegetables as were out of peas.  

I also reminded him that I had told him not to go out which attracted one of those looks and I can’t really blame him.

I think I may have gone vaguely hysterical.

So I applied the cabbage and then we got into bandaging the arm.  Since Dad died, we have so many practical items in the house that he kept.  I headed for Dad’s first aid kit as I felt it was likely to be better stocked than mine.  It is kept in a tin that is a souvenir of the Coronation of the Queen.  In fact, I got quite distracted by the tin with its shape and pictures of the young Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.  There is a picture of Buckingham Palace on the top and manufactured by Thornes in Leeds.  

Remembering my husband sitting now in an easy chair I found a crepe bandage and listened to his instructions on how to put it on.  I kept harking back to Brownie Guide first aid and wanting to make pretty patterns with the bandage.

I could not find a safety pin so we stuck it together with plasters.  

It was now very late at night so we decided that my husband would go to Accident and Emergency the next morning to avoid late night chaos and when the pain might have subsided a little.

I then went through Dad’s first aid kit working out that most of its contents probably came from circa 1953 like the box they were kept in.  Alka-Seltzers for the hangovers that my parents who liked a drink would have had.  Swarm for insect bites.  A wrapped bandage that looks as if it has been burnt. Solarcaine first aid cream.  Various airstrip plasters.  A sling complete with what might be a bloodstain.  Two disprin.  

I still love the tin and somehow can’t quite dispose of the contents yet.  I can imagine if this had happened last year, Dad would have taken over and cared for my husband in expert fashion.  These things don’t hurt anymore – they just make me smile and happy for what we had.

When my children heard about the accident, they were very worried for their Dad which was lovely to see.  

My dramatic daughter cried and said “Do you think Daddy will make it?”

Medical reports

1. Husband’s arm is badly sprained and not broken

2. Dog is absolutely fine.

3. Daughter has calmed down but is still a drama queen.

4. This blogger will hurtle into hysteria again no doubt.


P.S.  I found the missing safety pin on the floor the next morning.


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