Wobbles Wednesday

I am moving Wobbles Wednesday to my old blog.

For those who don’t know, Wobbles Wednesday is about mums sharing their weight loss journeys and giving each other support and tips along the way.

How are you getting on?

I have had a better week eating far healthier food and certainly not over-eating in a crazy way.

Having the cupboards and freezer well stocked does make it so much easier.

I have not yet gone back to Slimming World.  That will probably wait till September as the children are my priority over the school holidays.

Having a new dog helps as much more inclined to go for a walk when there is such a lovely companion to tag along.

Would love you to post and link up.

6 thoughts on “Wobbles Wednesday

  1. Well done on your week Kate.
    Life does get in the way sometimes. I, too, am going to be rejoining SW now my life has settled again.
    Have a great week x

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