Posted in August 2013

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

September is just round the corner and that leaves me a bit scared as that means my husband only has one month left in his job.  It is at times like these that it is good to focus on the positive. 1. I am writing this sitting in my lovely home with sunshine pouring through … Continue reading

Back to school is as simple as 1 2 3

Are you ready for the children going back to school? I got the shock of my life when I visited the official school outfitters the other day.  They charge so much and when you know how your children look after their uniform (or don’t!) laying out so many pounds hurts a bit. Our schools insist … Continue reading

Wobbles Wednesday – I’ll be back!

Wobbles Wednesday is a weight loss for mums initiative set up by me at the start of the year.  I handed it over to the marvellous Autism Mumma a few weeks ago and she does the whole thing with so much aplomb sharing tips along the way. I lost my way in June on the … Continue reading

Free soft play session with Bassett’s

We are days away from the return to school and I know a lot of children have already gone back in different areas of the country. Some go reluctantly after all the fun activities of the Summer.  Parents might secretly breathe a sigh of relief after all the expense of the holidays. Of course, we … Continue reading


A family day out A glance around A thunderbolt Eyes that I know In a different face Amused eyes Gently mocking me I am spellbound Enticing eyes I cannot look away   Your eyes Your mesmerizing blue eyes You know me The man with the child in his eyes  In reverse.   Captivating then. Irresistible … Continue reading

Where to buy affordable school uniform

Where do you buy your school uniform? I have to admit that I have only recently discovered the delights of Matalan when I purchased holiday clothing and suitcases for a holiday in Florida.  What I learned from my first visit is that you get a lot for your money at Matalan and the quality is … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I have lots of reasons to be cheerful this week 1. My husband is continuing to find relevant job opportunities and is getting application forms sent off.  He has an interview next week.  For some reason, a lot of closing dates are at the end of the month or well into September.  I firmly believe … Continue reading