What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

I am getting into the school holiday way of things now and have lots to be happy about this week.

1.  I am managing my time better.  I am not quite sure how this happened but it did and it is paying dividends.

2. I will be establishing an online presence for my new project over the weekend.  Baby steps and all that.

3. We had the most lovely Yorkshire Day yesterday attending a lovely event at Wentbridge House Hotel in West Yorkshire.  It was so sunny and hot which seemed to put everyone in a wonderful mood.  I think it is the first Yorkshire Day where I have celebrated with champagne but I intend to make this an annual ritual.  I will be writing more about our day out tomorrow.

4. My eldest son is getting out and about with his friends and on his bike.  It is great to see his popularity and growing independence.

5. My daughter is doing about a zillion art and craft projects.  I love her creativity!

6. My youngest son continues to make me think and to make me smile.

7. My husband has had notification of two job interviews today.  This gives us a lot of hope for a better future.

8.  I have started working out where we will go away and when over the Summer.  No firm decisions yet but I am enjoying looking at the options.

How has your week gone and what are you smiling about?

Why not blog about it and link up with Mich over at Mummy from the Heart?

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