How to save on your fuel and water bills

How do you feel when your fuel and water bills arrive?
They always catch me a little by surprise but fortunately I have my payments set up on direct debit so don’t need to worry too much.
I also urge you to check your bills as I was over-charged by £600 on my electricity bill last year.
As times are tight for many individuals and families, it is important to save energy where you can.
We moved into a house with a water meter last year and now I am totally convinced of the need to save water.
I am showing my children a water calculator and other internet resources to help educate them about how they can help the environment and family finances for that matter.
The real reason for my wish to tell my children about bills as they get older is that my parents never did with me.  They wanted to protect my childhood but it resulted in me entering the adult world totally clueless about managing money.
Do you think it is important to educate children about money matters?  When should you start?
Do you know how to bring down you fuel and water bills?

One thought on “How to save on your fuel and water bills

  1. I do think it is important to educate children about money. My grandfather was an accountant and when he gave me money for my birthday or Christmas he loved to hear I’d saved it. That mentality helped me save my house deposit.

    At four, I think my daughter is a bit young to be doing much educating, we are currently working on explaining why we need to pay for items.

    If your children are interested in water savings you may want to try this website It is a game that goes round different water using areas of the house.

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