Is it time you thought about life insurance?

Have you got any life insurance?

Have you switched off already?

If you are like me this is one of those grown-up topics that makes you yawn.  It is so easy to put your mind elsewhere.

Life insurance is one of those uncomfortable topics too in that you have to think about your own death.   Nobody likes doing that.

Take a look at your children and your partner.  Imagine how they would feel if you died.  They would be grief-stricken and if you have experienced loss, you will know just how tough that is to deal with.

You will know from your own circles of cases where a parent dies whilst children are still young.  Fathers who fell of a ladder or died of cancer.  Mothers murdered or killed in a car crash.  These things do happen.

You do everything you can now to protect your children and to keep them from harm.   The one thing you can do for them after your death apart from leaving them fantastic memories is to ensure they are financially provided for.

Take a look at this life insurance calculator today.  It is a guide and means you are making a start on your life insurance journey.

Unless you can predict the future, this is not a task you can put off.

What Do You Think and Feel? Comments Make My Day!

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