Wobbles Wednesday – I’ll be back!

Wobbles Wednesday is a weight loss for mums initiative set up by me at the start of the year.  I handed it over to the marvellous Autism Mumma a few weeks ago and she does the whole thing with so much aplomb sharing tips along the way.

I lost my way in June on the weight loss front having lost a lovely 2 stones.

I got busy with events and my husband’s redundancy was announced sending me hurtling towards comfort food and drink.  The school holidays came along and so I find myself at the end of August wondering what will happen next.

Yesterday, I really felt I might just continue to pile on the pounds and undo all my hard work.  The truth is from what I can tell clothing wise, I have got away without putting on too much weight at all.

I am delighted to report that I woke up this morning and saw my dresses in the wardrobe.  Dresses in bright colours.  Most I can get into and one is in a target size bought as a motivating tool.  You know what?  I felt excited.  Excited at the idea of returning to healthy eating next week when the children go back to school.

We are getting the children more involved in cookery and they are choosing some lovely healthy options.  It seems if they help to make it, they really do want to eat it.

So I am very wobbly but really believe that I will be right back on track next week.

So Wobbles Wednesday ladies, I WILL be back!

One thought on “Wobbles Wednesday – I’ll be back!

  1. I think you should do the 5:2 like I’ve been doing since end of Jan with exception of when I had a cold & being on holiday. It’s a slow one & when you get to your target weight you do 6:1 to maintain. 2 non consecutive days a week eat no more than 500 cals with as big a gap between breakfast & evening meal as possible if you choose to eat breakfast at all as some people save all their cals for one meal. The remaining 5 days you eat normally, whatever you like. The theory is that 500 cals is a quarter of a woman’s daily 2000 cals & you can’t eat the extra difference the remaining 5 days also with the fasting gap in the day & 2 evenings around a fast day it settles your pancreas so body goes into repair mode and uses stored fat. I’ve lost 18lb since end of Jan – slow but works – better than putting it on. There are health benefits to it too to prevent old age diseases & it doesn’t cost anything to do.

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