What are my reasons to be cheerful?

September is just round the corner and that leaves me a bit scared as that means my husband only has one month left in his job.  It is at times like these that it is good to focus on the positive.

1. I am writing this sitting in my lovely home with sunshine pouring through the patio doors.  I have my wonderful dog on the sofa next to me making it shake with his snoring.  The children are playing happily.  On the important levels, all is well in my world.

2. My husband had another job interview this week.  He enjoyed the process and we sit and wait to hear the results.  There are other applications in and I am hoping more opportunities will come up once the Summer holidays are over and done with.

3. Exciting opportunities are coming my way and my self-belief is getting so much stronger.  I have lots of plans for the Autumn both for myself and to help others.

4. We are just about organised for the back to school thanks to some lovely blogging perks and a trip to the school outfitters this week.  

5. My husband is taking a day off work next week so we can go out for one last fun-filled day with the children before the return to school.

6. The children are cooking a lot and we are really enjoying their efforts.  Thank you Dorling Kindesley for a wonderful children’s cookbook.

7. Someone reached out to me for support.  I always think it is such a honour when someone does that.  Sometimes when you have gone through difficulties, the one lovely thing it gives you is the ability to empathise with others and hopefully have some relatively wise words for them.

In the last couple of weeks, I have heard of friends becoming very ill, of two young people being killed in car crashes one of whom I was at school with and other very sad things.

It is a reminder to focus on the important stuff which is largely all about loving and making special memories.

3 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful?

  1. There are some people I wish could have sunshine and roses, and generally a nice easy time, and you are one of them. I’m so glad to see you being so positive. Hopefully, hubby will find a new job soon. I really hope you all enjoy the last day out of the holidays.

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