Posted in September 2013

The worst mum in the world

At the weekend, we decided in view of my husband’s redundancy to just chill a bit.  We went out to a local town and enjoyed choosing glasses for the children after their eye tests and looking around the charity shops. My son said he was hungry and as it was lunch-time, we thought we would … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

It feels lovely to be writing a reasons to be cheerful post just a few days after meeting up with Mummy from the Heart herself at the MAD Blog Awards.  So despite all the challenges we currently face, let’s look at the positives. 1. I went to the MAD Blog Awards ceremony and shared the … Continue reading

A voice has broken

Before I was a Mum, a colleague told me how her daughter went to bed on the eve of her 13th birthday as a lovely girl and came down the next day as a teenage monster.  I did not believe it at the time. The other day my son came in from school as usual.  … Continue reading

The MAD Blog Awards

I was away on Friday at the glitzy MAD Blog Awards do. It was a last- minute decision to attend at all.  Our lives since May have been just about taken over by my husband’s job seeking efforts so I was going to give it a miss.  Then I decided it might be good to … Continue reading

One from my daughter

When I am trying to get home I know I am never alone when the night passes over my home. The journey is endless Like I am passing over an infinite ocean Home, home, home, home and home.  Oooooh!

Dear Dad

Dear Dad You are not here.  You left a year ago.  I try and remember your last words to me and I think they were “Thank you”.  I seem to remember telling you I had done nothing and you begging to differ, always seeing me as better than I am actually am. I wrote you … Continue reading


It is one year ago since my lovely Dad died. At that point I lost my father, my advisor and my friend. Dad did not think I spoke rubbish (the word my husband used was harsher but they do say you should not swear on blogs)  or if he did he was always ready to … Continue reading

Redundancy and feelings

My husband has less than 2 weeks to go with the employer that he has shown loyalty to for 7 years.  It is stressful to say the least. He is the sort of bloke who is still putting his employer and their clients first to the detriment of his own job-seeking activities.  They are  difficult … Continue reading