You are invited to the #givemumsabreak Twitter party

I have with the help of the lovely Lauren set up a network where mums can share the issues that might help them to get a break.  We talk about childcare, work, business and charity work.  We talk about our struggles and we laugh with each other.

We are having a party to bring mums together on Twitter.

This will take place next Wednesday 18th September 2013 from 7.30pm until 8,30pm.

We will be talking out how to #givemumsabreak.

We will be asking …

“Do mums need a break and if so, why?”

“What sort of break you would like it time and money were not an issue?”

“What stops mums getting a break?”

We are hoping to make this a regular thing so do let us know what you think of the idea.

To take part, please follow #givemumsabreak.  Just type that into the search box on your Twitter.

Alternatively if you follow @kateonthinice @knackeredhw or @givemumsabreak, you will find us partying.

You can come for the full hour or just for a few minutes.  All mums welcome.

There may, just may be prizes.  There will certainly be a good chat

FREE lifetime membership for a limited period


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