Redundancy and feelings

My husband has less than 2 weeks to go with the employer that he has shown loyalty to for 7 years.  It is stressful to say the least.

He is the sort of bloke who is still putting his employer and their clients first to the detriment of his own job-seeking activities.  They are  difficult about him having time off for interviews.  All references will be provided by head office who do not know his skills and qualities.  He has helped them out on so many occasions working unsocial hours and covering countless staff absences and for what?  He is left hurt and bitter and I don’t blame him.

Ridiculously, they are recruiting new staff whilst throwing numerous people with expertise on the scrap heap.

My husband has had some job interviews but there are no job offers yet.  Sometimes it is difficult to believe that there ever will be particularly when he is turned down from jobs where he met the person specification so well.

So the future is very unpredictable.  We don’t know when or if he will find work.  We don’t know if we will stay here or move for a job.

It has started to get me down.  The injustice of it all for a start.  Then the way potential employers are interviewing too many candidates and not letting them have the results quickly.  He invests a lot of emotional energy in each application and time for that matter.  Some employers will not pay expenses to get to interview so that will increasingly become a quandary as finances tighten.

It isn’t a lot of fun.  That’s all.

6 thoughts on “Redundancy and feelings

  1. Gosh, I really feel for you all, we’ve been there done that and got the tshirt twice during this recession alone. I found it very hard supporting my husband through the ups and downs of finding work but it has changed the way we view life and also made us stronger.

  2. I believe the entire interview process is a hit and miss most days. It is horribly unfair. Some employers take care when they interview, others don’t because they may have hundreds of resumes to read and they no longer care. I hope your husband finds a job soon.

  3. Ugh, that’s awful. A few things he can do though, are to make sure he has a good CV to hand in and make sure he presents himself in the best way possible. If he has all the qualifications and experience, then it’s his presentation and personality that have to differentiate him from the other candidates.
    There are a lot of tips etc on the internet that it would be worth reading and it would probably help with his confidence levels too. Would be happy to find some stuff for you as this is part of what I used to do in a former life.

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