The MAD Blog Awards

I was away on Friday at the glitzy MAD Blog Awards do.

It was a last- minute decision to attend at all.  Our lives since May have been just about taken over by my husband’s job seeking efforts so I was going to give it a miss.  Then I decided it might be good to get some time away from home to think things through.

I arrived at my hotel after taking out a mortgage for the taxi fare.  The hotel was pleasant and it was quite fun to be texting Hayley who was staying in the same hotel arranging to meet for a pre-event drink in the bar.  She is an amazing lady because she always makes me feel at ease and acceptable.

Fuelled by a Bacardi and coke, we got a cab in view of Hayley’s high heels.  You know me, heels have only featured with me on a boudoir shot and that is a whole other story!

There were some other bloggers in the bar and there was much hilarity and chat.  As usual, as the group got larger, I got less and less sure of myself, could not think of the right thing to say and admired those ladies who seem to glide through such events with aplomb.  One blogger said I looked like a rabbit caught in headlights.  At this point, I did one of my escape artist trips to the loo.

I thought I looked OK until I saw photos of the event.  Oh well, never mind.  I used to look good back in the day.  Note to self Kate – you need to lose weight and a lot of it too.

Dinner was lovely and it was good to reconnect with bloggers that I visited Orlando with earlier in the year and to meet a new blogger or two.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees and all the other blogs who carry on quietly in the background.  Every one adds something to the patchwork quilt of blogging.

I thought the Outstanding Contribution Award went to exactly the right person in Jennie.  I also thought it was lovely how all the amazing women in that category were invited up on stage and didn’t we all get very emotional and probably all for our very own individual reasons.


To meet the eyes of Penny who helped put me back together again when my Mum died.  Such a warm and wise woman.

To stroke the back of Hayley with such affection as she sobbed away moved as we all were by such a very special moment.

To be so thankful to Michelle who helped me to shift myself into a positive frame of mind over and over again when hurtling towards dark moods.

All the women on the stage and those who could not make it are inspirational.

I think I probably got my award for the Groovy Mums campaign of sorts so I dedicate mine to the Groovy Mums along with my late Mum who started me blogging in the first place.

Although I bottled the wild party afterwards (well, that’s just me!) and walked back to my hotel, I am so pleased I went along.

And the Mad Dog Award goes to Ralph the Weimaraner who when I got on the train to London launched himself off the platform and ran down the railway track following the train.  You see, somebody loves me!

5 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards

  1. What a lovely post. I don’t think you realise how much you inspire people. You are so good at helping others, i think you forget what YOU are going through.

    We shall find 5 mins to have a natter at the next event we both attend xxx

  2. Well done for attending – you looked great! I think you are harder on yourself than you need to be. Ralph was lucky to still be around to bark another day!

  3. I know it can seem daunting if you’re not one for small talk (and lord knows I’m not) but I hope you enjoyed meeting the people you did, and the recognition for the amazing, inspiring stuff you do to support and help other women. It’s something that’s in precious short supply sometimes, and people like you make a real difference, Kate.

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