A voice has broken

Before I was a Mum, a colleague told me how her daughter went to bed on the eve of her 13th birthday as a lovely girl and came down the next day as a teenage monster.  I did not believe it at the time.

The other day my son came in from school as usual.  The boy I know and love.

He went upstairs to do some homework and when he came down, he did not sound the same at all.  His voice had deepened and he was clearly having difficulties managing it too.  The cute dimple that he gets when he is lying or embarrassed was in evidence.

It struck me all of a sudden that his voice has broken.  I have never quite believed this happens before. 

“Why does C sound so funny?” said my always heartless daughter.

“He sounds fine” said the ever loyal little brother.

We talked to C about it and he seems to be coping with the change OK.

It strikes me that I know very little about boys and men and may have to find out more so I can support him in his growing-up years.

I also find it incredibly poignant that this milestone happened on his Grandad’s anniversary.  He would have probably offered to lend my son his razor whilst Mum would have crowed about how he had become a man.

Treasure those child-like voices and then accept that life moves on.

2 thoughts on “A voice has broken

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I feel I don’t know enough about boys becoming men either. I feel I need a book! This is a serious business and a little bit of Internet research won’t do!

  2. My almost 18 year old’s voice never really did that; it just got gradually deeper and deeper without the embarrassing cracks and screeches. I still don’t feel like I know a lot about boys though, and when my pediatrician asked me if the youngest boy’s testicles had dropped I didn’t know what to say. I mean, who looks there?

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