What are my reasons to be cheerful?

It feels lovely to be writing a reasons to be cheerful post just a few days after meeting up with Mummy from the Heart herself at the MAD Blog Awards.  So despite all the challenges we currently face, let’s look at the positives.

1. I went to the MAD Blog Awards ceremony and shared the stage with some amazing and inspirational women.  My husband took me out shopping the night before and on the day itself showing incredible patience as I took ages to select something.

2. Getting away made me value what I have in my husband and children.  On my return, we had a fun afternoon having lunch and at a soft play centre before treating the children to toys from Argos.

3. Interesting jobs keep coming up that match my husband’s skills set so we are hopeful of a new job for him soon.

4. My husband leaves his job tomorrow and after months of hurt and bullying at the hands of the Royal British Legion, he can move onto a better future.  He has had so many messages of support from people saying how shocked they are that the Legion are throwing away such talent, experience and expertise whilst recruiting new staff.  It still does not sit comfortably with me that the Legion who purport to care about ex-services people are getting rid of ex-services staff and throwing them into unemployment.

5. I got through Dad’s 1st anniversary OK and my son’s voice broke that day which just seemed lovely.

6. I am enjoying making connections on LinkedIn.  Check it out.

7.  I have successfully completed a project.

8. The children are all doing great at school both socially and academically.

9. We have 2 new cats after we lost one sadly.  They are white and settling in well after hiding under the cooker on the first day.

10. It is a time of change but we are keeping the faith that something good is coming and soon.

8 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful?

  1. Lots of lovely reasons Kate very positive. I can’t believe what your poor husband has gone through, I had no idea he was with the Brithish Legion I am very disappointed to hear how they have treated him but I keep my fingers crossed evry day for you both to come across that job. It will come, please keep faith x

  2. I have everthing I can possibly cross….crossed! I so want to hear good news for your husband. I also want to hear more of this positivity from you, you deserve good to happen to you too xxx

  3. It really was fabulous to stand on that stage at the MADS with you. Sorry I did not stop by last weekend, Miss M ended up breaking her elbow so we spent my blogging time at A&E! Mich x

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