Posted in September 2013

Wobbles Wednesday

I am pleased with my week. Have I stuck to healthy eating 100 per cent? I have not managed that giving in to some a quarter of a bag of fish and chip shop chips, a Chinese takeaway and a chocolate eclair. Everything else has been healthy with favourite things as follows. Soups – so … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I have had a frustrating morning so the best thing to do is indulge in a little positivity with reasons to be cheerful. 1. The children went back to school happily.  Despite a very stressful Monday wondering if I could actually pull off the back to school stuff, Tuesday went wonderfully after all.  I am … Continue reading

#WobblesWednesday – Back to It!

The children went back to school on Tuesday and I resolved to get back to healthy eating. It did not really happen so I started again yesterday.  However, my husband offered a lunch date.  It is so rare for us to get out as a couple without the children that I jumped at the chance. … Continue reading

My husband has hidden talents

As many readers know my husband is currently looking for a new job. This week he has been offered two interviews one of which is in rather a grand institution. When I told my brother, he sent me an email saying perhaps my husband had hidden talents. As there is no point in replying to … Continue reading

I forgot my mum

Today was all about back to school for my 3 children.  I woke at 5am wondering whether I could pull it off and dreading weeks of school runs.  As it happened, everything went perfectly. I even tweeted about it and when a friend said “Well done” told her I was bound to have forgotten something. … Continue reading