The result you have been waiting for!

I swear I get Julian Clary.

The other night he went on about being self-absorbed and I fall into that too often perhaps.



I am very tired which I guess is just the huge relief setting in.

I feel guilty for worrying so many people.

The whole appointment was quite an experience and I have lots I want to say about that in due course.

The most delightful bit right in the middle of the clinic was getting a text from @DownsSideUp saying “Any news darling?”. Almost thought I had a secret lover when I saw that until I realised it was that Hayley one, one of the only folks who has my mobile number.

It was so hard not to tell her the news first but I did feel family first in such a situation.

H was next and I asked her to tweet the news as I am fully aware just how many people were generously wishing me well yesterday. Not bad for a woman who too often says she is friendless. What rubbish – thank you to everyone for so many lovely thoughts and prayers. I think you blasted any threats away with all that positive thinking.

My real lover was clearly very relieved. We did something very mundane and normal and when you get your life back, that is just fine.

So as we sat eating our burgers, I babbled about how very healthy my breasts looked on the mammogram.

My husband said something under his breath that I did not catch.

So I asked my son what he said.

“I am not sure Mum. It was something like I always said you had great patriots”

Wake up everyone. I have not only healthy but apparently A GREAT PAIR OF TITS.

The futures starts here.

Huge thanks to all of you – you got me through this!

6 thoughts on “The result you have been waiting for!

  1. Pleased to have texted at an inopportune moment. So very relieved and pleased all is well, and if it hadn’t been we would have crossed that next bridge. H x

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