What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

It’s a fanfare type week on the chirpy front.

Nope, the husband has not found a job but one thing my little dabble with problems of the boob variety did do was to make me wake up to the fact there are bigger problems than unemployment.

1. I got the all clear from the breast clinic.

2. It was clear from smiles from other women and a man that lots of other people did too. The statistics are very reassuring. It is just easier to see that after an all clear.

3. I have such good memories with my family. When I saw a woman with a babe in arms at the clinic, it made me realise that my children will always have so many fun times to remember.

4. We are going away one day this weekend to London for filming of a Tesco advertisement as my youngest son is an official toy tester for them.

5. My brother has offered to dog sit.

6. We had a fun day out choosing Halloween goodies at the weekend. The children looked fabulous for their Halloween-themed disco last night.

7. The school sent a postcard to say how well my oldest boy is doing in mathematics.

8. I am losing track of all the little achievement slips coming home for my son and daughter from junior school.

9. My husband took me out for a special day on Tuesday.

10. We have a #givemumsabreak Twitter party tonight looking at body image. I like how these are pleasant chats that are not sponsored by anyone and where all mums can chip in if and as they see fit.

I have felt extremely tired after Monday night’s visit to the breast cancer clinic. I had clearly got myself in a big tizz about it so I guess the relief resulted in exhaustion.

I feel so much better today and have changes to make. Quite a few of them. Nothing like a wake-up call health wise to make you realise what is right and wrong in your life.

One thing that is very right is this weekly reminder to focus on the positives.

Wishing everyone a great week.


6 thoughts on “What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the anxiety over the visit to the breast clinic – very pleased for you that you got the all clear. I know that you posted lots of other things, but I bet that beats them all xx

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