Halloween the affordable and easy way.



Trick or treat?

Here is the trick to having Halloween treats for your children on a budget.

We visited Poundland and it is an amazing one-stop shop for all your Halloween must-haves. Even better, it is so easy to work out what you are spending with everything costing just one pound.


My children loved buying masks, make-up, costumes and broomsticks for the Halloween school disco.


We will have a little tea party at home using our ghostly wipe-clean tablecloth and cups and plates.


We already have decorations up with skeletons on the windows and pumpkin lanterns and a skull sporting a pink wig. We will put lights up on the night to get even more into the mood.

It was fun to visit Poundland for an affordable Halloween shopping spree. It’s the place to visit if you want to do Halloween in style and on a budget.

Poundland provided us with £25 shopping vouchers to enable this review.

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