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Grieving but still grooving

It is Wednesday and traditionally I post once a week about how I am attempting to get my groove back. I need to get back to normal or rather a new normal after all that has happened. One of my strategies is to return to my little rituals and also to build in new habits to structure my … Continue reading

Not So Groovy Mum

It is Wednesday which means I usually post about how mums might attempt to get their groove back. Let’s be honest.  I am not feeling particularly groovy. My Dad is still very poorly and I am meeting with my brothers tonight.  Yes, you read right, brothers which means things must be serious as we hardly … Continue reading

How to be happy (and groovy!)

This is the day when I am supposed to highlight something I have found that inspires me and to ask you to share what does that for you. Yesterday, I came across a brilliant post on the Black Dog Tribe website about the things happy people do differently. I am going to take a look at … Continue reading

Are you an Olympic Mum?

It is Wednesday which is the day I try to inspire mums to make changes in their lives so that they feel that bit happier and more fulfilled. With my Dad in hospital and house-hunting to be done, I am lacking in energy for the post but will use the Olympics to see if it … Continue reading