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Where Next For Groovy Mums and Me?

Last September, I was grossly overweight, fed up with my lot in life and hoping to find paid work. My instincts told me I would only change with the back-up of other women.  I decided to set up a blog hop and was so pleased when other mums came forward and said they wanted to … Continue reading

I’m A Bit Of A Mixed Bag

Well, this week I took a break from Groovy Mums and let the rather wonderful Chloe over on the Our Pea Green Pod blog assert her right to challenge the masses. I do like Groovy Mums but we all need a break and I have enjoyed mine.  In fact, so much so that I am … Continue reading

Challenges For Mums Who Want To Change

On Tuesdays, I encourage mums to make little changes in their lives. Take on one or more of the challenges or none at all but do ask yourself what baby steps you cantake to improve my life. If you blog about it, link up below and I will do my best to promote your post … Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late To Be A Groovy Mum

Groovy Mum?  Isn’t that a little Seventies?  Or perhaps a reminder of Madonna in the Eighties?  Actually, it is just a name chosen at random for an initiative to encourage myself and other mums to add a bit more sparkle and joy to our lives in whatever way suits us best. It is not too … Continue reading

Why Are Mums Trending On Twitter?

Why are mums trending on Twitter? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Yesterday afternoon, if you were around on Twitter, you may have seen hashtag #groovymums trending at number 2. Forget 100 days to the Olympics, for about a hour yesterday, tweeps were more interested in the lives of mums. Why? Well, … Continue reading