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Whatever happened to the groovy mums?

Once upon a time, an overweight woman in a small village up North was bored out of her skull. She was probably juggling a little too much caring for other family members and wondering where the girl she used to be had disappeared to. Post-natal depression and the loss of her mum had certainly taken … Continue reading

Why are groovy mums getting naked?

Want to spice up your life? Groovy Mums is a blog hop and supportive network that started in September 2011 and has helped many a mum (including me) move forwards positively taking on challenges they never thought possible and just seizing the day that bit more. You can read more about Groovy Mums. We support … Continue reading

Who wants to have a Groovy 2013?

Fancy really changing your life? Scrap New Year’s resolutions but commit instead to challenging yourself to live better throughout 2013 and beyond. The only way to do this is to seize this day and those that follow and take action to bring changes about. You will have down days, life events will send you curve-balls … Continue reading

I’m a trophy mum!

I have a trophy sitting on my mantlepiece and it ties in nicely with my weekly reflection on mums getting their groove back and feeling like life has a bit of spice in it. I have lost 9 pounds in just 2 weeks of doing Slimming World. So I got not only my half stone … Continue reading

Get Grooving Blog Hop

Is it possible to seize control of your life and change it for the better? Is it hard to do that as a mum with all the juggling you have to do.  Some of us are determined things can get better and we share our stories on our blogs and connect on Twitter.  You are … Continue reading

Get grooving!

As a mum, have you lost a sense of self?  Feel way older than you actually are?   Wish you were not just labelled as a “housewife” or whatever but actually were valued for what you contribute to the world? That is where I was about a year ago and I am by no means out … Continue reading

When I am old, I will turn purple!

Some time ago, I decided to dye my hair, all part of trying to rediscover whatever va-va voom was left.  I settled on red and love it.  My Dad said “Oh yes, your Mum went through the red phase”.  In one sentence, I was convinced next time it would be a different colour.  My children … Continue reading

Are you an Olympic Mum?

It is Wednesday which is the day I try to inspire mums to make changes in their lives so that they feel that bit happier and more fulfilled. With my Dad in hospital and house-hunting to be done, I am lacking in energy for the post but will use the Olympics to see if it … Continue reading