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Difficult times

I am half hoping nobody reads this as I feel awful about keep going on and on about the tough stuff. I know so many people are facing harder times but we are struggling a bit to keep upbeat all the time with this so-and-so ing redundancy situation. We have both had redundancy situations in … Continue reading

Why won’t I wear a poppy this year?

Why do I feel so bad about poppies this year?  Why will I not wear one and why does that bother me so much? I was brought up to respect veterans and current service people.  My grandfather was at Gallipoli and had his leg shattered in World War One.  My own father served in the … Continue reading

What are my reasons to be cheerful?

It feels lovely to be writing a reasons to be cheerful post just a few days after meeting up with Mummy from the Heart herself at the MAD Blog Awards.  So despite all the challenges we currently face, let’s look at the positives. 1. I went to the MAD Blog Awards ceremony and shared the … Continue reading