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Wobbles Wednesday

I am moving Wobbles Wednesday to my old blog. For those who don’t know, Wobbles Wednesday is about mums sharing their weight loss journeys and giving each other support and tips along the way. How are you getting on? I have had a better week eating far healthier food and certainly not over-eating in a … Continue reading

Getting My Motivation Back – Mumentum

Every Monday, I try to report in on how my weight loss programme is going. To be honest, I don’t really seem to have got back on track the way I would have liked since mid-December.  Yes, 3 whole months ago.  Blame birthdays, Christmas and lack of will-power. The good news is that the last … Continue reading

Mumentum – Another Positive Week

I am joining in with Mumentum run by the wonderful New Mum Online blog. What is it all about? It is about mums supporting each other as they try to tackle mummy tummies. It was an odd week because after losing half a stone in one week, I knew from past experience the rate of … Continue reading