Who Is Kate And Why Is She On Thin Ice?

I am Kate and this is my “About Me” page. I even got naked for it. Well, why not? Live whilst you can and if it is good enough for the Women’s Institute, it has to be good enough for me.

I am a woman in my forties which means that my life experiences can be summarised as …

Being conceived as a result of the very swinging Sixties.
Relishing school milk in the pre-Thatcher Seventies.
Going “ra-ra” in the Eighties
Learning how to be naughty in the noughties.
Becoming a mother as the Millennium showed up and completing my family of 3 in that same decade.

You find me in 2012 so I guess it is the pre-teen year and I am starting all over again in a middle-aged quest to rediscover my groove and to reignite my va-va voom.

Here is the Good …

I am highly educated.
I enjoy working hard and reaching targets.
I have supported charities in a variety of ways since the age of 21.
I am a writer with the ability to engage a variety of audiences.
I have always wanted to change the world and make it a better place. To this end, I am passionate about good causes and about seeing women and mums get a fairer deal in society at home and abroad.

Here is the Bad ….

I can be moody.
I have not looked after myself as well as I should have.
I bite my nails which I acknowledge is a filthy habit.
I am an inadequate (though loving) mother
I rather like a rum from time to time.

Here is the Ugly …

Today is a day to be positive so there is no ugly unless you count the picture above in which case you should jolly well admire me for posting it.

They say end on a high so here are the rather sensational bits …

I have walked on fire
I have taken my clothes off for a boudoir photography session
I have kicked ass
I can promote just about anything effectively
I have built up a range of skills and experiences that make me very worthy of hiring for all manner of things. You can read more about them here https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/what-are-my-skills-and-experiences/

You now have three choices

1. You can read and enjoy an open, honest and non sugar-coated blog. You can follow me on Twitter @kateonthinice

2. You can join myself and some other Groovy Mums on our mission to make our lives fun and fulfilling by clicking here https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/how-to-be-a-groovy-mum/

3. You can contact me on kateonthinice@gmail.com and offer me money to do some rather exciting things for you which have absolutely nothing to do with my state of undress in the picture.

I am Kate and I am on thin ice but very soon I will be dancing on the same in a sparkly frock. Who is going to give me a lift?


22 thoughts on “Who Is Kate And Why Is She On Thin Ice?

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  3. Think you should be doing a triple salchow after penning this beauty. Great ‘About Me’ page. Love the pic too. You’ve inspired me to try and have another go at mine.

  4. Great page – love it, especially the picture 🙂 Beautiful beautiful beautiful – and as you know I’m a sucker for colour – I LOVE those gorgeous glazed tiles behind you. Mmmm all round. x

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  6. Kate, you look very smug and happy there with your nakedness. Good on you I say.

    Have you seen the film Taken with Liam Neeson? The bit where you say “I have built up a range of skills and experiences…” reminds me of Liam’s “I don’t know who you are…” speech.

    If you haven’t seen it this is the speech I mean:

  7. Wow that is a good ‘about’ page, much more funny than mine, which I thought was a bit funny when I wrote it. I found you on the BritMums Live meet and greet. Look forward to reading more from you 🙂

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  13. Inadequate loving mother??? I highly doubt it. It’s high time women and mothers stopped putting themselves down like this – you’re worth more than that. You’re kids are worth more. Please don’t undervalue yourself in this area. You’re smart.

    That was not an admonishment, honestly. Be kind to yourself in this area. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your stuff. You write so well. And you seem like fun!

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