I have moved!

I have a new blog location So please show your support and head on over to http://kateonthinice.com Give me a follow so I don’t feel I am talking to myself. Let me have your feedback on the new blog and read all about me and how I share an experience with Deirdre Barlow and about … Continue reading


Difficult times

I am half hoping nobody reads this as I feel awful about keep going on and on about the tough stuff. I know so many people are facing harder times but we are struggling a bit to keep upbeat all the time with this so-and-so ing redundancy situation. We have both had redundancy situations in … Continue reading

Drowning in a sea of poppies

Hard-working, totally committed to the task Flexible, working for clients, he put in extra hours Until people distant from the frontline turned their backs And, ignoring families’ plight, used their powers He phoned home. His wife lost all hope. But they limped on, wounded. Not the same; all sad Confused with it all; deaf even … Continue reading

Is it time to go?

Is it time to leave where we live? We moved here purely because it was the only place that offered a house that met my late Dad’s needs (i.e. independent space/annexe attached to a family home for us). I have never regretted that and am at peace that we did what we could for Dad … Continue reading