Hire Me?

After taking time out as a stay at home mum, I am now open to new work opportunities.  To find out more about Kate the person, check out my About Me page.

So here is what I have done/can do.  A working life review if you like.

1. I have advised members of the public on issues such as debt, welfare benefits, housing, employment and relationship matters.

2. I have negotiated with third parties (creditors, landlords, employers, government agencies) on clients’ behalf.

3. I have represented clients at court and tribunal hearings.  The most satisfying cases were the ones where I saved someone’s house or got them a backdated cheque for unpaid benefits.

4. I have devised public relations strategies for a number of organisations.  My latest success was trending as number 2 on Twitter in a #groovymums party.

5. I have given talks on a wide range of topics and to diverse audiences.

6. I have written advice columns.

7. I have promoted the goods, concepts and volunteering opportunities within charity shops.

8. I have gained significant media coverage in newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

9. I have given interviews on radio and television.

10. I have organised a Fashion Show for a charity.

11. I have promoted volunteering and active citizenship in cities, towns and villages.

12. I have organised events to recognise the social and economic value of volunteers.

13. I have linked potential volunteers with volunteering opportunities in a wide range of public and third sector settings.

14. I have organised several charity fairs.

15. I have organised several craft fairs.

16. I have promoted the concept of Action Learning as a tool of personal, professional and organisational development.

17. I have organised on-going Action Learning Sets (groups) for the voluntary sector and also some multi-sector groups.

18. I have contributed content for websites.

19. I have written a guide to Action Learning.  It even has an ISBN number!

20. I have organised 3 big conferences with venues such as a sports stadium, a private prison and a tourist attraction.

21. I have brought together players from the private, public and voluntary sector looking at how they can share resources and work effectively together whilst breaking down cultural dissonance.

22. I have established a e-bulletin that is valued in the criminal justice sector to this day.

23. I have raised funds from trust and the corporate sector.

24. I have acted a a trustee of a women’s refuge

25. I have delivered training on issues such as law, government policy, media relations, volunteering and learning tools.

26. I have recruited, trained, supervised and supported volunteers in a variety of settings.

27. I have published a local magazine for mums.

28. I have written reviews of goods and services.

29. I have blogged and am on shortlists for the Brilliance in Blogging and the MAD Awards.  I have a great level of engagement and hundreds of subscribers/followers.

So I guess number 30 has to be ….

what next?


I am interested mainly in promoting goods, causes and concepts.  I like to write articles and fiction too.  I have considerable experince of producing effective press releases and feature material.  I have the ability to run Twitter parties and see them trending thus helping to raise the profile of the organisation concerned.

You can contact me on kateonthinice@gmail.com where I look forward to hearing how we might work together.



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