Is it time to go?

Is it time to leave where we live?

We moved here purely because it was the only place that offered a house that met my late Dad’s needs (i.e. independent space/annexe attached to a family home for us).

I have never regretted that and am at peace that we did what we could for Dad after Mum passed away. I also cherish those special years with him some moments of which I have blogged about.

Now my husband is job-seeking and most unlikely to find something to suit his skills in this tiny town. So we are looking UK-wide.

He is getting loads of interviews so when it is somewhere further afield, I look up rents and other information and fantasize about a new life somewhere new.

Will it be by the sea and thus make a long-held dream come true?

Perhaps it will be closer to London so that I can attend blogger and other events.

Will it be somewhere that opens up more activities to the children?

Currently, we live in a beautiful and spacious house. The layout suits us very well. The children have a bedroom each, one ensuite, a playroom and a safe and enclosed garden. We are near to town and close to their schools. It has much to recommend it.

There is a tiny bit of me that resents that the Royal British Legion will take this from us too.
However, I have pretty much investigated all that the town has to offer. Sometimes it is painful to walk the streets and remember times with Dad. Sometimes it is great to indulge in those memories.

I have made no friends here. Whether through shyness, lack of effort or being caught up with things at home, it has not happened. Sometimes I think you get to the point where if it has not happened, you may well be best making a fresh start somewhere new.

My mind veers from one possibility to the next.

The truth is our next adventure will be dictated by a job offer for the husband if and when it comes.

Where will it be and who will I meet there?


4 thoughts on “Is it time to go?

  1. I think its time to think of you, in all this.
    The way I’ve just read that post, the only thing you don’t want to lose is your house. I can understand that, I love my house, even though its too small!
    Maybe moving would be good for you too……..Wales is beautiful 😉 x

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