Posted in September 2011

My Mother’s Words – Little Legacies

My mum was a communicator. You knew where you were with her. That could be a good or bad thing. If she was in good humour, she would have you hysterical giggling as she pushed the boundaries with ribald humour. If she was not in a good humour, her use of language could reduce you … Continue reading

Reflections on Clutter – The Friday Club

Happily joining in Ella from Notes from Home’s Friday Club where this week’s topic is clutter. I honestly believe that a house with clutter is a house with soul. Let me see. There are my bookshelves with hundreds of books on them. They make me laugh and cry. They help myself and my family to … Continue reading

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Isn’t it lovely to see Reasons To Be Cheerful back on the Mummy from the Heart blog? I know all the hostesses did a wonderful job over the Summer with the notable exception of yours truly who cocked it up bigstyle but it is good to see it returning home after the holidays. For those … Continue reading

What Home Means – The Gallery

The Gallery theme this week is Home. I have lived in many places. By the age of one, I had lived in four places including a convent. Perhaps there is traveller in my soul as at last count, I have resided in 34 homes including on the road in a camper van one mad Summer. … Continue reading

Magpie Monday – Bargain Finds

Joining in with one of my very favourite blog hops where we bloggers celebrate our bargain finds. I went to the charity shop with my Dad during the week. He likes to get books there with their buy two, get one free offer. He is retired and gets through loads of books. I bought lots … Continue reading

Mumentum – Another Positive Week

I am joining in with Mumentum run by the wonderful New Mum Online blog. What is it all about? It is about mums supporting each other as they try to tackle mummy tummies. It was an odd week because after losing half a stone in one week, I knew from past experience the rate of … Continue reading