So Who Are The #Grooving Mums And What Are They Up To?

A very few weeks ago, I set up a blog hop called #GroovingMums. I did it because I wanted to change my life and to get involved with women who were also trying to rediscover or reinvent themselves.

I did not know that today I would feature as Netmums Blog post of the week. I am delighted that the post they chose mentioned the #grooving mums even if only in passing.

So who are these wonderful women in all their glory as it were. Click the links and get to know them better.

I find all of them inspirational but just for once if you only manage to read one of the stories, let it be number 1 and then do something to help.


A great writer who is shedding pounds and finding very positive ways to declutter.

Did you know #groovingmums is now global? Here is a UK mum getting her groove back whilst adapting to life overseas. She always has a slightly different take on things which I, for one, find fascinating.

A welcome newbie to the #groovingmums clan gives us such an important message this week about seeing the lovely in the apparently mundane.

A mum who has made wonderful progress in getting her physical groove back and is a mistress at trying new challenges.

A mum who is doing well on getting her groove back whilst recognising the real impact of sleep deprivation.

Our other #groovingmums family. If I have missed anyone out, just give me a huge boot up the bum and I will add your link.
A mum who juggles work and parenting of children with individual needs.
A mum who is open and honest and admits to struggles when she has them which I think is a very good thing.
A mum who is overcoming post-natal depression and helping others along the way too.
A mum who has a diverse blog so do take a look.

She does not post a #groovingmums post very week but when she does they are rich and just wonderful. They make you want to know her better.

And finally and I am sure on behalf of all the #groovingmums, let’s offer a huge congratulations to Chloe over here

who brought new life into the world this week with the birth of her second lovely daughter. Now that really is what I call grooving! Welcome to the world little one and take care Chloe.

I am hoping that you will empathise with at least one of these mums. Pop across, read what they are up to and leave a supportive comment.

They are all absolutely fabulous and you probably are too so if you fancy becoming a #groovingmum. It is free, flexible and fun, tune in for tomorrow’s post explaining how it works.


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