For One Week Only – Groovy Mums On Wednesday

The Groovy Mums blog hop post usually appears here on Tuesday and with the linky remaining open until the following Monday.

I am a day late and I hope people will understand that is because of the Twitter party yesterday which was so amazingly wonderful with friends old and new taking part.

You can find a quick explanation of Groovy Mums by clicking here  If you read this, you should have an idea of whether this is for you or not at this time.  From my point of view, all mums are welcome.

Here is how Groovy Mums started.  It is really special to see how such a simple idea has led to so much over the last 6 months culminating in the #groovymums party trending on Twitter.  Having said that, seeing the personal changes the current Groovy Mums have made has being truly inspirational.

Groovy Mums is not a huge company or anything like that.  It is just me   and some very lovely mums who wanted to join me on the quest to improve their lives one step at a time.

Now here are this week’s challenges which are all optional.  They are just there in case they act as a prompt or help you to reflect.

1. Body – Are you looking after yourself enough?  I am aware that I am really neglecting taking steps to deal with my pre-menstrual tension.  I am sure lots of mums have stuff that they really should do to care for themselves better.

2. Mind – What are your current thoughts and feelings about the Groovy Mums blog hop and/or the Twitter party.   Blog about it or leave a comment.  I sense we are moving into a new era with new participants and want to ensure we keep on a track that is still positive for people.

3. Spirit – Do people find the spirit challenges helpful?  They are quite hard to come up with and I am aware that some find them uncomfy particularly if they do not have a faith.  What do you think?

4. Blogging – Please do take a look at the Brilliance in Blogging Awards shortlist over on Britmums.  I found it lovely to discover blogs that I did not know about.  We can all learn from and with each other.

5. Charity Connections – Do think about supporting National Daffodil Month and raising funds for the Marie Curie nurses.

6. Special Days – How are you sleeping?  It is National Bed Month and you can find out more on good sleep by clicking here

7. The Big Question – Why do you set limits for yourself?  Are you setting them too low?  I ask this as over the last 6 months I have realised that when I start to reach out, good things come my way.  That can happen for you too.

Now all you have to do is to link up a post about how you are trying to change your life for the better one step a time.  A reminder – you do not need to do the challenges and your own way of improving your life is valid and we want to hear about it.

We would also love you to take the code for the Groovy Mums badge as seen in my sidebar and put it on your own blog.

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9 thoughts on “For One Week Only – Groovy Mums On Wednesday

  1. Hi Kate, I’ve linked a post I happen to have done a couple of weeks ago. Your linky is very relevant to how I’m thinking lately and it would be nice to see how other Mums plan to get groovy.

    Go you!

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