How to be happy (and groovy!)

This is the day when I am supposed to highlight something I have found that inspires me and to ask you to share what does that for you.

Yesterday, I came across a brilliant post on the Black Dog Tribe website about the things happy people do differently.

I am going to take a look at the themes below but do pop over to the website for further explanation and so much more information and support.

Express gratitude. – I think I am pretty good with this with the folks that are at a distance.  However, when it comes to my husband, my Dad and my children, I could probably do much better.

Cultivate optimism. –  Since starting Groovy Mums almost a year ago now, I am much better at this.  I stay more positive even in stressful situatioins.  When things are going badly wrong, there is always light somewhere.  I take part in Mummy from the Heart’s Reasons to be cheerful blog hop most weeks to ensure I celebrate and move towards the good stuff.

Avoid over-thinking and social comparison. –  I am very guilty of over analysing things.  I see the same trait in my son and can see it does not lead to a light frame of mind.  Social comparison will always result in angst.  You will always be fatter, thinner, richer or poorer than your neighbour.   How about celebrating being you?!

Practice acts of kindness. –  I have always said that I love helping and being kind where I can.  I am not some wonderful saintly person.  I know that there is a real buzz to be had by doing your best for someone else.  Also if you can help someone, why wouldn’t you?

Nurture social relationships. – I now feel I have good online friends but don’t see anyone as a friend on even a monthly basis.  I am moving to the local town soon which I am hoping will make it much easier to do things and to thereby make some friends.  Well, one would do to be honest!

Develop strategies for coping. – I find blogging helps me cope in good times and bad.  Just writing those feelings out.  It also helps to tap into a community who might admit that they share some of your experiences and are wishing you well.  Connection with Groovy Mums and other bloggers and people on Twitter has helped so much in recent weeks.

Learn to forgive. – I am struggling to forgive someone at the moment.  I know they will not change and I don’t like their behaviours at all.  I realise I think about this too much and this leads to unhappiness and negativity.

Increase flow experiences. – I am capable of great focus on one thing and always feel happy when I am in that state.

Savor life’s joys. –  I am more vigilant in my life, capturing the happy moments as they happen.  It is a healthier way of being and very much down to me starting Groovy Mums.

Commit to your goals. – I belive in myself more than I did.  I am committed to my goals and enjoying the journey.  Magical things certainly can happen if you are open to them.

Practice spirituality. – I have tried to incorporate spirituality in Groovy Mums but sometimes struggle to know what to say or suggest.  I am no guru.  So perhaps it is just about finding the right path for us and recognising that we are just a small part of whatever the meaning of life is all about.

Take care of your body. – Right now, I am not looking after my body and I need to in order to deal with the challenges ahead.  It is good to be reminded.   When I treat my body properly, I feel happier.

Well, what about you?

Take one or more of the headings and see how they apply to you.

It is like a mental health check pointing the way to greater happiness for you and yours.

Check out the full post from the Black Dog Tribe here

If you want to know if you might be a Groovy Mum, check this out

If you post in response to this or about taking proactive steps tiny or huge to change your life for the better, please link up here

2 thoughts on “How to be happy (and groovy!)

  1. I think that being ever the optimist is something I cultivate on a regular basis.
    Having spent a traumatic 15 years with my ex husband who’s alcoholism and abuse kept me living my life in check the whole time, I kept myself going and found strength in my optimism about just about everything good in my life – my children, my family and the knowledge that my old life would not be forever.

    Now having thrown out my violent ex, and met a wonderful man, I find that my optimism is one of my characteristics that I am very proud of and that other people seem to take comfort in. I think that my tag line should be – “Don’t waste time worrying, until you know there is something to worry about”. I find positives in every situation, and stay calm in the most upsetting and un-nerving of situations. My husband says by optimism about everything life throws at us is what enables him to find strength and deal with situations that he would otherwise find very stressful – he is my opposite you see and always thinks that if something bad can happen it will…. I am teaching him slowly to keep that glass 99% full at all times.

    I think this was a lovely post..I would have loved to have written my thoughts on all the headings, and I may well do that just for myself – it could be pretty interesting!

    Have a great day

    Lou 🙂

  2. Hi kate, being lazy here going to here instead.
    Express gratitude. – Like you I think hubby needs to hear it more.
    Cultivate optimism. – Leaving the cultivating to you.
    Avoid over-thinking and social comparison. – There is far less peer pressure here for the children and very little media influence. I’m enjoying being me without judgement.
    Practice acts of kindness. – I’ve always been a giver, here I can truely give.
    Nurture social relationships. –I need to make some real friends here, to combat the lonliness, although my virtual ones have become very important to me.
    Develop strategies for coping. – Ditto
    Learn to forgive. – I’m not forgiving, I’m just cutting them out of my life, there are only so many times I can take their crap, their attitude is damaging me.
    Increase flow experiences. – I need to focus on one experience at a time, I juggle many things and always end up in a panic as deadlines near.
    Savor life’s joys. – I am now
    Commit to your goals. – Am committed just need a kick up the arse to get going some days.
    Practice spirituality. – I struggle with this one, however I believe that if you are kind and good then that spirit will become part of you and others will benefit.
    Take care of your body. – Have a few things going on at the moment, the first being stopping smoking on August the 16th. I’ve started back swimming and go 3 times a week, I still eat junk food, but I’m happy with the way I look and feel, exercise will just prevent the spread going further.

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