Why have I started a new blog?

I have started a new blog. I want to reflect on some of the reasons why I have made this decision.

1. My blogging started by accident really in 2009. I had no real plan for it or what it might lead to. It was just my Mum, She Who Must Be Obeyed, told me to stop talking about writing and actually do it. I was shocked when I got my first comment and did not realise blogging networks existed until a couple of years ago. I only met a blogger for the first time last year along with amazingly finding myself speaking at BritMums Live. I guess I want to try a blog from scratch with some sort of plan in place.

2. I starting blogging on this blog properly in late 2011 after hiding behind an anonymous one. This was the year when I posted a picture of myself on the blog for the first time truly believing that people would stop reading once they saw how fat and ugly I was. They kept reading and that gave me heart.

3. I call myself Kate on Thin Ice and I love the name but it now only reflects a part of who I am. I guess I mean I am less wobbly inside even if still very wobbly on the outside but even that is changing thanks to Slimming World and my own efforts. So I remain Kate on Thin Ice but don’t want my blog to be called that anymore.

4. 2012 was a rotten year or the second half of it anyway. That makes me want to wipe slates clean and start all over again. I now know just how short life can be and want to make sure I spend more of mine saying “Why Not?” rather than “Why?” when opportunities come my way.

5. I want more freedom on my blog so self-hosting seemed the obvious thing to do. Yesterday, I struggled to set up a self-hosted blog but I perservered. It’s always worth sticking at things because then you feel so proud of yourself when you manage to do it. Thanks to everyone helped me to work it out for myself.

So without further ado, I introduce you to The Naked Mum Blog

Nope, it is not some dodgy site and you can read why I called it that when you get there.

It is a work in progress so all feedback and comments welcome.


10 thoughts on “Why have I started a new blog?

  1. Wow that’s fab good for you …. I will check it out and follow …. I love reading your blog posts. And I’m sure like most bloggers I certainly don’t see a ugly women… But a women if intelligence who’s blog posts are real and a good read 🙂

  2. I really like the new blog name..I will pop over tomorrow and give ur blog a follow as I’m at work..don’t put urself down.. I love ready ur posts, you come across as a lady with a heart of gold xx

  3. brilliant – great that you have made a decision and gone for it! I have spent the last year learning to become more of a ‘yes’ person rather than making excuses not to do things and so far it has already transformed my life. xxx

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